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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fast and Cheap(er) Ways to Fix up Your Home Prior to Listing

Check the condition of the landscaping, paint, roof, shutters, front door, knocker, windows, house number, and even how window treatments look from the outside

Add something special — such as big flower pots or an antique bench to outside of home

Install crown molding at least six to nine inches in depth, proportional to the room’s size, and architecturally compatible.

But besides making each squeaky clean and clutter-free, update the pulls, re-caulk, change out or re-glaze sinks, replace shower curtains and/or liners (makes no sense to clean and caulk if your curtains still smell and look moldy), replace faucets.

In a kitchen change out sink, add granite, add faucet & add one cool appliance, such as an espresso maker.

Clean the interior and exterior of windows

Make sure screens are in good condition

If you can replace carpet and pad before offering a discount to buyers

Screen coat hardwood

Get sorting — organize your piles into “don’t need,” “haven’t worn,” and “keep.”

Closets must be only half-full so buyers can visualize fitting their stuff in

Clean up clutter and piles need to be removed

Make you home smell inviting

Buyers want light and views, not dated, fancy-schmancy drapes that darken.

To diffuse light and add privacy, consider energy-efficient shades and blinds.

Clean garage and basement out, even hiring a storage facility for items in these areas that you
are not using is a great way for them to see “their” new space

Hire an inspector! Fix all items on their list PRIOR to listing your home!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts for a Safe 4th of July

Going away from our typical sales and design work, and thinking about the upcoming long and fun weekend that our staff gets to have with their friends and family, from bqques to firework made us think about general safety for our staff and clients!

Here are some of our thoughts to help you enjoy a safe holiday weekend!

- Keep a metal bucket with water near by when lighting fire-works, once the fire-works go off and cool down place the remains in the bucket so they do not reignite or burn someone.

- Keep an extinguisher near by

- Our owners husband is a fire-fighter and one recommendation she had was that she sprinkles her lawn, flowers and deck with a coat of water prior to the festivities

- Keep your fire-works on the ground, any that shot upwards are illegal in Colorado, we have a massively high fire danger, keep your home, your neighbors home, wildlife and your fire-fighters safe by being smart. Go to local shows that have permits for off-ground firework shows!

Here is to a safe, fun and relaxing 4th of July!