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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts for a Safe 4th of July

Going away from our typical sales and design work, and thinking about the upcoming long and fun weekend that our staff gets to have with their friends and family, from bqques to firework made us think about general safety for our staff and clients!

Here are some of our thoughts to help you enjoy a safe holiday weekend!

- Keep a metal bucket with water near by when lighting fire-works, once the fire-works go off and cool down place the remains in the bucket so they do not reignite or burn someone.

- Keep an extinguisher near by

- Our owners husband is a fire-fighter and one recommendation she had was that she sprinkles her lawn, flowers and deck with a coat of water prior to the festivities

- Keep your fire-works on the ground, any that shot upwards are illegal in Colorado, we have a massively high fire danger, keep your home, your neighbors home, wildlife and your fire-fighters safe by being smart. Go to local shows that have permits for off-ground firework shows!

Here is to a safe, fun and relaxing 4th of July!

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