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Monday, June 28, 2010

Management Please?

In today's construction world, the retail clients need and deserve management of their projects. All too many times we hear about jobs gone bad, or massive frustrations, a lack of communication or mis-understandings. When I dig a bit deeper into the complaints, I find more often than not, the issues are simple, unacceptable and/or down right weird. If a company offers no "Project Management" or they brush off the question, run! Proper Project Management is key to the success of a job, a fantastic Project Manager controls the progression of the entire job from the schedule, walk-through's with you the client, e-mail communication or job-site communication, sub-contractors and their warranty/insurance, the materials and how they all fall into place. There must be control, to know that the drywall was done poorly enough not to call in the painter, or the trim is not completed properly enough to stain, cabinets are delayed so stop the counter top people from measuring, the the tile guy ran short on tile.....even to the carpet is not installed so stop the final cleaning crew! All in all, properly managed projects come in on time, on budget and with less than 10 items on any given punch list! Success can be in the extra 5% you may pay for management, it is the guarantee to less money out of your pocket with change orders, less job site issues, no mad trades or complaining trades. Satisfaction and being able to smile after a 3 month project that is a great feeling!

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